Engineering Services

Revamping & Retrofitting Jobs:

Considering worldwide demand of used equipment. We undertake design, supply, revamping, retrofitting and modernisation projects in metal processing lines. Our team of experts provide technical consultancy, design and supervision for dismantling, retrofitting, revamping, erection and commissioning of used equipment.

We have a team who is specialised in dismantling, revamping, erection and commissioning.
We have successful installations of revamped equipments for our client’s in Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, India, Nepal, Uganda etc.

Metal Coating Line for Strips:

GNIPL can design, manufacture & supply metal coating line for strip with zinc and zinc al. alloy coatings.

Line can be built with flux type or with inline Non ox furnace with state of art coating control equipment.

Pot Equipments Presentation (click to download)

Paint Coating Line:

GNIPL has supplied continuous coil coating line with state of art technology having ‘S’ type coaters & caternary ovens.

Line features:

  • Cleaning section consisting of alkali and water forced system having spray and brushing unit for top and bottom cleaning of sheet.
  • “S’ type prime and finish coaters with manual or motorised operations for pressure and position regulation.
  • Electric or gas fired caternary ovens with RTO and solvent monitoring system.
  • Pre-treatment section with drier.
  • Online tension levelling system.
  • In line embossing unit.
  • Electrical control system with PLC/SCADA/HMI.

Tension Levelling Line:

We have supplied tension levelling line to provide excellent sheet metal flatness required for high quality applications in different industries. The material is run through a entry and exit set of bridle rolls, with the corrective leveller in between. The strip is under great tension with a slight elongation above the yield point of the material, and simultaneously levelled. The material is uniformly levelled and relieved of most internal stresses.


  • The leveller can be provided with various work roll modules.
  • The user friendly design allows good access for cleaning and maintenance.

Tube Mill:

GNIPL has expertise in offering customized plant for manufacturing ERW pipe for low and medium carbon steels with complete automation for various speed range.
Tube mill includes mechanized system with Automatic feeding system with cold saw cut of unit and High frequency solid state Welders.
Tube mill mainly consists of strip preparation, pipe forming, welding, cooling, sizing straightening, pipe cut-off unit and pipe take off unit.
GNIPL can also offer automatic tube mills for low diameter Stainless steel pipes.


Washing Line:

We manufacture tunnel type washing line which is suitable for cleaning and chemical treating various components having simple shapes such as cookware, automotive components, auto electric components etc.

Continuous line with mesh type conveyor for conveying components to be washed from loading to unloading section, spray nozzles are provided for force cleaning and are located from top and bottom side, spray system is mounted on upper chamber of cleaning tanks, SS pipes are circulated in tanks which acts as heat exchanger, drying oven is provided to dry out water available on surface of process components.

Process control will be automatic and can be operated even by unskilled labours.


We supply oil / electric or gas fired continuous and batch type annealing / pre heating furnaces for metal industries. Our furnaces are operating with state of art technology in various industries.

Press Machines:

We supply simple and smooth operating Deep Drawing Single/Double Acting and Scrap Bailing press of reputed makes.

Features of offered press are as follows:
  • Accurate Construction
  • Long service life
  • High efficiency
  • Maintenance free
  • High performance rate

Material Handling Equipment:

  • Single and Double Girder EOT cranes, Hoist, Goliath cranes
  • Fork lifts, Excavators, Mobile cranes
  • Coil handling and storage equipments

Strip Processing Equipment:

Cut to Length.

Slitting Lines.

Shearing lines.