Industrial Spares and Consumables

Gujarat Nippon specializes in sourcing Industrial Spares and Consumables from across the Globe.


We supply hydraulic components from various renowned international manufacturers.

  1. Valves.
  2. Pump.
  3. Filters.
  4. Pipes and pipe fittings.
  5. Cylinder and seal kits.
  6. Power-pack.
  7. Jacks.


We supply pneumatic components of reputed International make.

  1. Valves.
  2. Pump.
  3. Pipe and pipe fittings.
  4. Cylinder and seal kit.
  5. Compressors, post and delivery filters, receiver tanks.



We supply electrical spares as well as complete electrical system from reputed manufacturers. We also undertake retrofitting, revamping and commissioning of complete electrical systems.

  1. Variable frequency drive [VFD].
  2. Variable speed drive [VSD].
  3. Programmable logic controller [PLC].
  4. Analog and digital PLC cards.
  5. AC & DC motors.
  6. Power, control & signal cables.
  7. Cable tray.
  8. Temperature, Pressure, level transmitters / indicators.
  9. Cable lugs and glands.
  10. Contactors, timers, fuses, braking resistors, bus-bars, current collectors, carbon brush and holders.
  11. Transformers.
  12. Electrical panel.
  13. Encoders.
  14. Air Circuit breaker, Vaccum circuit breaker, SF6 circuit breaker, Moulded case circuit breaker.
  15. Electrical heaters.


Mechanical spares & engineering products:

Our trading division supplies standard as well as teller made items to our clients.

  1. Gear box and Gears
  2. Couplings
  3. Pumps, heat exchangers
  4. Bearings
  5. Seals
  6. Belts and pulleys.
  7. Saw Blades
  8. Cutting Knives
  9. Diesel Generators
  10. Cooling Tower
  11. Automatic self-cleaning filters
  12. Dies and battery operated forklift
  13. Laboratory & testing equipment for paints, chemicals, metals analysis.
  14. Weigh bridge.
  15. Wire rope.

Industrial Consumables:

For last several years our trading division is engaged in sourcing and supplying various industrial consumables to our clients all over the globe.

  1. Anodizing, Degreasing and water treatment chemicals.
  2. Nitric acid, Caustic soda, hydraulic acid.
  3. Fluxes for foundries.
  4. Rolling oil
  5. Blanking & Piercing dies
  6. Adhesive glues
  7. Refractory material
  8. Buffing & Polishing compounds
  9. Cast Iron crucibles
  10. Industrial lubricants
  11. Silica gel
  12. Handglows
  13. Ceramic blankets
  14. Fluxes

Accessories for Kitchen Cookware Items:

  1. Handles for pots & pans
  2. Polishing Compound
  3. Buffing Wheels
  4. Rivets and Fastners
  5. Dies and Toolings